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Find a Way to Relax into Your Weight Loss Journey

April 26, 2023

Health and nutrition are not just about discipline but also an art. It’s important that you start incorporating relaxation into the process. According to some studies, our bodies will not be able to heal when it is at a stress level. To heal and mend, the body should be in a relaxed state. Since weight loss is a part of the healing process, it only makes sense that in order to achieve this goal, you need to find a way to relax. Here are some tips that can help you relax into your weight loss journey.

  1. Let go of unwanted behavior – Fixing ourselves is the initial step towards losing weight. Stress can shut us down. Create a space between your thoughts and actions. Figure out what behaviors you want to fix.
  2. Validate your feelings – When we fight against negative thoughts, we only make them stronger. Some of us think that if we let ourselves feel the deep feelings within, it would destroy us. The truth is, we are all created to validate our feelings all the way through and emerge as the best version of ourselves.
  3. Always trust your instincts – There is no other weight loss program out there that knows better what your body needs. Our bodies are smarter than our brains so trust your instinct. 
  4. Use energy for creativity – Excess weight means extra energy. In this case, ask yourself what you can do when you are not busy. This could be a perfect time to be creative. Go out, take time to explore yourself. 
  5. Breathe – Take a long deep breath to eliminate stress in the body and encourage relaxation mode. Do this regularly and the next time you’re stressed, you will notice how easily you are able to unwind. 

Allow yourself to be part of the journey. Weight loss is a process so take your time, be patient, and have compassion.


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